Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Blog

I have found a new blog that I love to read. It is "made". A lady from California talks and shares pictures of things that she has made, mostly sewn. I love all her ideas. She often makes new items from stuff that most people give to a thrift store or throw away (like old pillow cases, sheets, mens shirts, etc.) These items may have seen better days for what they were first made to do, but usually there is enough fabric in them to refashion for children's clothing. Now after seeing all the cute things that she has done, I have to go out to my trunk and open my thrift store bags. There maybe some good stuff in there. I just have to get my creative juices flowing! Here's the link if you are interested:
Careful, you may get hooked like me :)

Dana, I hope you don't mind me sharing. I had to let others know of your great ideas. Thanks for sharing them.

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dana said...

Liz, I don't mind at all! Thank you for the sweet blog post!
You and your family are adorable.

About 3 months before I started refashioning, I took bags and bags of stuff to Good will. And now I regret it! :) But then again, it's nice to clean out the clutter and move on with life sometimes.
Good luck with your sewing ventures and thanks for stopping by MADE!