Thursday, September 24, 2009

little mushroom

I imagine little fairies dancing around this mushroom!

That's Cool

Ella Beth is really enjoying kindergarten and learning a lot. Her teacher is having us make flash cards to help with learning how to read. She has letter cards, word cards, and picture cards with words at the bottom. Every day when she comes in from school she will tell us that if we don't do her flash cards Mrs. Taylor will be mad at us. So we try to do them each night.

Tonight while we read them she said something that I got a kick out of. One of the picture cards is of a necktie. She looked at the picture for a minute. Then, with her head cocked to the side and a grin on her face she said, "tie, I have a friend in my class named Ty." And then she snickered.

I think it is really cool that she is beginning to connect letters with words and words with things.