Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I have been sewing a good bit lately. I've made Ella Beth a skirt, curtains for my bedroom, and 6 aprons. The aprons were for our ladies' retreat at church. Our theme for this year was "back to the basics." When the planning committee started talking about basics I thought of kitchen basics. That is where the aprons came in. We used them for center pieces on the tables topped with jars full of wooden spoons that had recipes attached.
I think they all turned out real cute. At the end of the retreat, the spoons and aprons were door prises for attending. Everyone got a spoon, but only a lucky 6 received an apron. I was one of the lucky six!!!My sister and I are talking about opening an etsy shop. If we do, aprons like these will go on sale. If you could buy one, which one would it be?

Here are some pictures of the detail stitching around the waist band.

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