Friday, April 10, 2009

Jelly or Jaylie

Ella Beth has a very good friend, I would say she is her best friend, whose name is Jaylie. When they first met, almost 2 years ago, she called her Jelly. We all thought it was very cute and Jaylie's nickname soon became Jelly. Well now that Ella Beth is a little older, Jelly has turned back into her given name Jaylie. The other day, after an Easter egg hunt, Ella Beth was opening some of her eggs to eat the candy. One was filled with jelly beans. Ella Beth proudly announce, "Look Mom, I got Jaylie beans." It was hard not to laugh!!!

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Dixie said...

That is too cute, Liz! Ella B is such a blessing to Jaylie and I am thankful that God has blessed each of my children with special friends from your family.