Thursday, April 9, 2009

Busy Life

I have been really busy since spring break. I am on two planning committees at church, ladies retreat and VBS. Ladies retreat is coming up (thankfully, I need it!) next weekend. I am decorating for it. This year that involves making aprons for the table toppers. I have made one; I need to make eight. Luckily they do not take long to make and I enjoy it.

As you know from a previous post, I am heading up VBS. This consumed a good bit of time last week. I made folders for each lead position describing the responsibilities and give suggestions for things that they can do. The crafts, story telling, and recreation folders were pretty thick. The others (snack, publicity, and registration) were not. Thankfully most of the folders have been given out and our first meeting was very successful. Please be praying that everything goes smoothly. I am a little nervous. We are having a petting zoo to go with the theme "down on the farm" on the last day and that might get a little crazy. I hope it will all be worth it.

We have also been attending various Easter related activities. I took Will and Ella Beth to an egg hunt in our neighborhood. We are blessed to live in a nice neighborhood filled with friendly people and lots of kids. It was somewhat muddy, but we all had fun hunting eggs. On last Sunday, I took Ella Beth to our church's egg hunt. She had a blast hunting eggs, jumping in blow up jumpers, and playing with bunnies. I also had a great time visiting with many friends. And finally, today Ella Beth had her school Easter party and hunt. Being the busy mom that I am, I am co-room mom. That means (for those of you who don't know) making the list of party needs, sending it out, collecting the stuff, getting the things that weren't bought, setting up, taking down, and for this party hiding eggs. Luckily I have a great co-room mom that is very helpful and other parents that pitch in at parties. Once again, the kids had a blast. After all this hunting, I am not sure the bunny needs to visit our house on Sunday, but I am sure he will.

Until then...

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