Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Break Part 1

We had a very exciting and fun spring break this year. We started our activities in Birmingham, AL, by meeting Lee's Aunt Melinda and family for lunch. We had a great time visiting at Ruby Tuesday's.

Then our family split up into two groups - the boys and girls. Lee took the boys on an overnight hiking trip to Oak Mountain State Park in Birmingham. They had a delightful first experience at overnight hiking despite the constant mist and night time downpour.
Ella Beth and I passed on that invitation and continued the journey across AL and into GA heading to Aunt Jenni's house. We took our time traveling though some towns in Alabama that my father grew up in and that I had visited as a little girl. When we made it into Georgia, we were very grateful to be at Aunt Jenni's house and not battling the damp weather, bugs, lack of potties, etc. that the boys were tackling (and as the story goes loving every minute of it). The girls had a very relaxing time visiting, shopping for toys, and sipping lattes at Starbucks.

Until next post when I share the exciting time had when the two vacations become one again.


Aly said...

I would have passed on the camping too! but i love that last picture of the boys! tell the kids that Robot says hi :) I still laugh about that!!

Liz said...

Thanks! Ella Beth still talks about Robot and refers to Aunt Lynne and Uncle Mike as Robot's mom and dad. He made quite an impression.