Thursday, March 12, 2009


Our home is located in front of a small pond. It has been great for the kids. The boys have fun fishing and skipping rocks along the shore. They even had some remote control boats that they played with last year. Lee and I have also enjoyed it. It is relaxing to sit out and enjoy the peacefulness that comes at sun set. I like to watch the ducks and geese.

But everything isn't great about the pond. We have a BEAVER! Come to find out beavers really like crape myrtles. We had three large ones near the edge of the lake. Now they look like this:It took the beaver several nights to chew down all three. It was somewhat amusing at first to go out and see what the beaver had done the night before, but now he has come to close to home!
This past weekend we were playing in the back yard and I found this:
This is a bush next to our back patio. I never would have thought the beaver would be brave enough to come this close to our house. Here is how far apart the bushes are:
You can see the 3 chopped down crape myrtles in the background and the edge of our patio in the corner. We must stop the beaver!!


hicksfamilycircus said...

Hi Liz,
I love finding friends blogs. How have you guys been? I'll be sure to keep up with you guys now!! Take care!

Liz said...

Michele- It was good to find your blog too. Your family looks so sweet. We have been doing great. Thanks for taking the time to comment!