Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving & Christmas

We had a great Thanksgiving vacation this past week. The kids were out of school all week and Lee was off work. The weather was warm, so there was a lot of opportunity for the kids to play outside. They had fun running around the neighborhood with their friends.

On Thanksgiving day, I was cooking in the kitchen and Will came in to raid the fridge. He opened it up and exclaimed "where's the turkey." For the first year in awhile I didn't cook a thanksgiving turkey. We helped with a meal at church for our area's homeless population. It was very eye opening for myself and the kids. I wish that I would have been more prepared to help with basic needs that they had, like backpacks, shoes, and first aide kits. I have thrown away shoes that I thought were worn out that were in better condition than the only pair of shoes that many of the people we served had. I now have a purpose for some of my bargain shopping throughout the year now, various sizes of tennis shoes and backpacks.

The last great surprise for the week was an early Christmas present for me from my hubby. I had been wishing for an iPad and he was very aware of my wish. He volunteered to go to the grocery store for me on Wednesday. Little did I know he had other plans. He and Jack took a trip to the apple store and sometime later returned home with my Christmas surprise and a big bucket of chicken from KFC. All I could say was no way. It was a very sweet, shocking fulfilled wish.

I hope your Thanksgiving vacation was a happy one too!

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