Thursday, February 18, 2010

Been a long time...

So it has been way too long since I wrote a blog post so I will catch you up on a few of the latest happenings since Ella Beth's birthday....

Jack turned 10 in August. All he wanted for his birthday was cash. At the time he was saving for a lap top, but instead he bought an ipod. We were very proud with his decision to saving - over $200. It was a first for any of our kids.

Then in September we took a trip to Auburn for a football game. It was great. We had not been to a football game since the boys were babies. It was a very rainy one, but we all made it though and Auburn won!
In October we experienced out first broken bone, stay in the hospital and surgery. Will was playing football in the yard with some friends and broke his right femur. It was a spiral break that required a 14 inch steal rod to heal. He was a champ! Now, he is completely healed and will have the plate removed this spring.

Halloween shortly followed. Each of the kids carved their own pumpkins - Ella Beth had a little help. It was the first year for non-traditional pumpkin faces, but I think they all turned out great.We stayed home for Thanksgiving. Lee and two of the kiddos ate Thanksgiving lunch at the church. I stayed home with the sick third child. (It's been such a sick winter for us I don't remember which one was sick!) We had the meal for members and those in the homeless community in Jackson. Lee said it was really a great time for all involved.

Finally, we celebrated Christmas! We had a great holiday.

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