Friday, July 17, 2009

Painting and Pink

My mother has graciously taken all three kids to her house for this week. During this time my plan was to paint all the rooms upstairs but the bathroom. Well the game room/guest room (g-room for short) is really big. When we first moved in, it was my daughter's room and bright pink. Now, it is painted "nap sack", a pleasant khaki-green. The boys will be glad the pink is gone from the g-room! The first day, I got it cut in. I hate that part so a break was needed when I was done. The second day I got both coats put on the wall. It is so much more peaceful.

Day three I finished my daughter's new room. It is now pink and teal. I had gotten the teal painted one night while she and the boys were camped out in the g-room, so thankfully one wall was already complete. However, pink is a very hard color to paint. I wouldn't think that is true other than I have now painted three rooms pink. It always takes 3 coats, even if you prime! Three coats is a lot of paint and a lot of pink. I would never like to admit it, but yesterday I was really tired of pink!

I have two more rooms to paint. The kids come back tomorrow. I don't think they will get done this week.

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