Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Psalm

I just thought I would share a psalm with you today that Jack wrote earlier this year. Our kids our truly blessed to have great teachers at our wonderful church!

A Psalm of Jack

I praise the Lord, oh my soul!

You gave me life, hope, mind, and strength.
You gave me to the world.
You let me live.

You are like a daisy moving in the wind.

You gave your Son to the world.
You let Him die for us
And that is all that matters.

Praise the Lord, oh my soul!


Dixie said...

I loved the results that came from that lesson. He's such a great, thought provoking kid to have in class. So glad I get to be a part of it:)

Liz said...

Thanks Dixie. I'm glad you are a part of it too!